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The Legend of Zelda (NES)

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We want to recreate that feeling of playing and chatting about video games with your best friends

 Every 2 weeks, we pick a new retro game from the 80's or 90's. We encourage all listeners to play along and post scores on Twitter and Facebook. After 2 weeks of playing, we record an episode, diving deep into the game and sharing our old and new experiences!  



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Post your scores and comments on Facebook and Twitter.  You could win a copy of our game of the week or hear us talk about you in our next episode!



FEATURED: Interview Pitfall! Creator David Crane

We were fortunate to interview David Crane, legendary game designer and co-founder of Activision. 

Read the Interview Here and Listen to the Pitfall! Episode! 


 The Retro Game Guys, Clockwise from top  right: 

  • Zack - The Retro Gaming Guru
  • Dustin - Your Nerdy Host
  • JP - The Obsessive Collector 
  • Alex - The Infrequent Gamer

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Recorded in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks to our buddy Tom for the support.

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