about retro game guys

A long, long time ago in a neighborhood not too far away...


I started playing video games around 1984 or so, when I used to school my older cousin on Pac-Man and Space Invaders on his Atari 2600. In the 80’s video games were a growing cultural phenomenon, and they become the glue that held my circle of friends together. As I got older I graduated from my own Atari to a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and that’s when something inside of me just clicked. 

From that point forward, I was obsessed and collected every major system and top titles that I could get my hands on. (I now have a nearly-complete NES collection -- only 9 games to go!)

While many of my friends “grew up” and moved on from video games, I never stopped playing and scouring flea markets for that next great game to add to my retro collection.

But as fun as playing and collecting solo was... I realized: the gaming hobby is way more fun with friends.

And that’s why I wanted to start a podcast to recapture that long-lost feeling of hanging out with best friends, sharing the games that we loved, and busting each others chops!

It took a few years to find the time - especially with raising two young kids - but as soon as time started opening up, I called up my friends Dustin (the host), Alex (the infrequent gamer), and JP (the obsessive collector), and it was born...

The Retro Game Guys podcast (listen here) is a bi-weekly series that focuses on one game from the 80’s and 90’s (the 8- and 16-bit eras). We play a game for two weeks independently, then we get together to record an episode; sharing interesting facts, our experiences, memories and scores.

And while the RGG podcast and hanging with my buddies is fun, the magic is when people play along with us. We want to build a community that rediscovers the game with us. And we want to do our part to make it fun by giving away games, sharing comments, and the best scores on each episode.

Join us by posting your scores and tagging @retrogameguys on Facebook and Twitter or email retrogameguys@gmail.com.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and that it brings you back to a much simpler time.

Thank you for listening!

Zack RGG

September 11, 2018